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What Our Members Are Saying

Teri - I have learned that even though I was never in any sports and I was always last picked in school for any team that I can be athletic and I like working out!

Gina Daniels - I joined because Kettle Bells were the challenge I needed and still crave. Never boring, every day it's a new workout I look forward to.

Teri - When I was looking to join a gym I called several places but they got back to me right away and arranged to meet with me the next morning. They walked me through the basics, I got started with my first class the very next day, and I've been going ever since!

Alex Rice - There are 2 things I really appreciate. First, I really enjoy the community that I get to work out with, including the trainers and other members, they really support and motivate you, making it an enjoyable experience. Second, their CrossFit and kettlebell workouts continuously challenge me in different ways helping to build both my ability and confidence.

Pat Motzko - I joined after chatting with Renee. I had lost weight and was looking for a program to tone things up.

Shannon Raser - I have learned that I can always be pushed harder, my limits are not my limits, and that there is strength in numbers. Working out in a group setting is way more powerful that working out on my own.

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