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What Our Members Are Saying

Alex Rice - There are 2 things I really appreciate. First, I really enjoy the community that I get to work out with, including the trainers and other members, they really support and motivate you, making it an enjoyable experience. Second, their CrossFit and kettlebell workouts continuously challenge me in different ways helping to build both my ability and confidence.

Brandon - I enjoy the community/family bonding and progress in strength and skill.

Shannon Raser - I joined to introduce something new in to my workouts that would challenge me and improve my physical fitness.

Nelson - It’s like having a personal trainer in a group environment, but the key is the group because they inspire, push you… while supporting your efforts to become healthy and strong!

Troy Schmidt - I heard great things about Crow River from my wife and others in the community.

Brandon - It's hard and intense, but also friendly and fun.

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