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Whether you're interested in CrossFit or Kettlebell classes, the best and easiest way to check things out is to schedule a free intro! In our intro you'll be able to come in, check out our gym, get a taste of our amazing community, as well as get a nice and quick workout.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Teri - I have learned that even though I was never in any sports and I was always last picked in school for any team that I can be athletic and I like working out!

Alex Rice - I wanted a place to work out that wasn't just lifting weights at a gym. Also wanted a focus on core strength to prevent throwing-out my back again.

Pat Motzko - I joined after chatting with Renee. I had lost weight and was looking for a program to tone things up.

Shannon Raser - You will not regret your decision and you will quickly realize the strength you never thought you had.

Brandon - I can accomplish more than I was allowing myself previously.

Nelson - I finally found what I have been looking for many years, sports like activity which improves my health and fitness!

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