Coach Mike

Mike Klaphake

What year did you start CrossFitting?


Why did you get into fitness (and CrossFit)?

After a very sedentary period of time (college), I joined the Army. My sedentary lifestyle quickly became a thing of the past. But even then, I focused my fitness endeavors on what the Army measured: push-ups, sit-ups, and running. I thought I was in shape. I could run forever but could barely squat my body weight. I read about some Army units adopting this workout program called “cross-fit”. Then in 2009 at the Army Recon Course, I drank the kool-aid and participated in some high intensity interval training involving sand bags, tire flipping, overhead water can lunges and a number of different movements that worked my body in ways I never thought possible. In the military, being physically ready is important.

Why did you become a trainer?

Ultimately for my children. It took me 30 years to find CrossFit and I wish I would have been introduced to it when I was younger. I desire to be a positive influence on kids, young adults, and anyone that needs a little extra motivation.

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?

Anything in my “wheelhouse”. Overhead Squats and the Olympic lifts.

What is your favorite cheat food?

Beer and ice cream, but not at the same time.

What’s your favorite Superhero and why?



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