Here at Crow River CrossFit our “why” is A Health Life is a Better Life. Our goal is to help you get full enjoyment in your life.

I was looking out the front door of the gym yesterday afternoon and noticed there was only my car at our gym and one car at the gym next door. However, the medical clinic across the street had a packed parking lot. That reminded me of a saying that goes something like: if you don’t take time for your health now, you’ll take time for disease later. Yesterday, a lot of people were taking time in the middle of their day to take care of their health issues. I don’t want to assume they don’t make health and fitness part of their day-to-day, but I often hear two excuses from people on why they don’t sign up: 1. I don’t have time or 2. It’s too expensive. Plenty of people found time in the middle of their day to take care of health issues yesterday, and regarding cost, our memberships start at $3 a day, which is cheaper than the cost of some of the expensive coffees people drink every day.

I’m starting to ramble on. I was talking with a member of the gym the other day and he told me about the wonderful experience he had hunting. He told me the hunt was grueling and was at a pace that would have left him sore and wiped out in years past. I asked him if he would summarize how he felt CrossFit has helped him. Here’s what he sent. I think he exaggerated a little, but you get the point:

I’ve been Pheasant hunting every season for the past 11 years. I haven’t been hunting since I started CrossFit 16 months ago. We went hunting a couple of Sundays back and I felt great at the end of the hunt thanks to CrossFit, wasn’t even tired. I hunt with a Remington 870, if you carried an 870 through the fields all day you know it’s a brick. Thanks to the kettlebell farmers carry, my 870 was like carrying a Benelli Ultralight. The dogs chased a Rooster into the woods and I did something I wouldn’t have done in the past without CrossFit. We went into the woods through heavy brush, thick trees and tall grass about 50-60 yards after wrestling a couple of Bears we got that Rooster. My functional strength has been steadily increasing. My Wife was a little reluctant at first, but I can now easily power clean her off the couch and carry her around the house in my arms. Core strength is also better, when I get out of my car I can lift both legs at the same time, turn and jump out of my car. When I started at CrowRiver CrossFit I was scaling most of the lifts and wods. My cardio and strength have been on a steady increase thanks to all the Coaches and Members at our Gym.