Understanding your “why” is getting a lot of attention these days thanks to the popular book by Simon Sinek – Start With Why. Our “why” is a healthy life is a better life. At our facility, we believe we are here for more than just a fun workout. We are here to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals. We want you to live a healthy life.

Step 1: A healthy life is more than just a workout and we strive to bring our members the highest value experience. You start your journey with us with a physical assessment on our InBody 570. This device measures your muscle mass, hydration level, internal inflammation and fat levels. Using these measurements, you can track improvement in your health markers over time. It’s more than just the number on the scale. Our goal is to help you reduce fat levels and increase muscle levels that will support long-term health. As you begin your journey, you will also complete the baseline assessment. This is a performance assessment that will allow you to track improvements in your physical performance as you progress through our program. You will also set goals with your primary coach during this first step.

Step 2: You can choose from a variety of programming options to fit your lifestyle. We offer kettle bell programs, CrossFit programs, Barbell programs, and boot camps. You can combine these classes to help you reach your goals. We even offer kids programs so your kids can get their workout in while you get yours. Our kids programs are more than just a fun activity. It is a Character Driven, Level Based fitness system. You kids will learn character-based skills such as treating people with respect. Your kids will be part of a level-based system where they will learn to earn their promotions. All kids start off with a white shirt with 20 performance standards. Once they achieve each of these, they earn their blue shirt with 20 more performance standards. They will continue until they reach the highly coveted camo shirt. We don’t give out blue ribbons for participation – our kids earn their reward.

Step 3: Make friends. Working out alone is not fun for most people. Our classes are social and you will make friendships that will extend outside of the gym. Your friends will also check in on you to make sure you’re making classes with them.

Step 4: Nutrition counseling. Getting the body you want, begins with nutrition. We offer unique programs such as a year-long ProCoach program, various challenges throughout the year and one-on-one counseling. Need to get some advice on how to change up your nutrition, we are here to help.

Step 5: Community Events. If you like to have fun, we are there with you. We participate in a variety of events in and outside of our gym. If you’re interested in a tougher physical event such as the Murph workout and barbeque on Memorial Day, or the Tough Mudder in July we have that for you. We also participate in fun events such as the Delano 4th of July parade. We also host a social summer outing with lots of good food and swimming. The summer outing is a great event for the entire family.

Step 6: Skill Clinics. Our coaches have been through a multitude of specialty courses and want to pass their experience on to you. We also bring in outside experts to teach more advanced skills. We’ve had outside experts in to lead workshops on jumping rope, weightlifting skills, gymnastics skills, advanced kettle bell skills, and increasing your flexibility and mobility. Our coaches also lead shorter workshops to help you hone your skills.

Step 7: Track Progress. You will track your workouts and we will help you track your progress. Get your name on our monthly PR board. See you how compare by looking at our big leaderboard. Whether it is the baseline workout you completed on your first day, or any of the named CrossFit workouts, you’ll be able to see your improvement. You will also receive additional InBody scans to track the improvements in your body composition.

Not all gyms are created equal. We offer coaching, equipment, programming and facilities that bring you more value and help you meet your goals. Are you ready to check us out? Sign up today for your free intro and get started on your Journey to Success – a healthy life is a better life.