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  • The "Long Haul" 2019

    We are just about halfway through 2019. Can you believe it? Many of us are focusing on taking a long-term approach to our health and fitness, as well as working on sustainable healthy habit formation. Awesome. Way to go!! Now, the second half of 2019, aka the “Long Haul” is coming. When it comes to staying focused on the goal of taking a long-term approach to your nutrition, here are 3 thoughts to munch on: 1. Inner Monologue
    : This is a great time to take an honest look at yourself and your inner monologue. Your inner thoughts affect your outward attitude and your actions. How you feel about different situations may impact how you react to different ....

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  • 4 Ways To Keep Summer Simple

    4 Ways To Keep Summer Simple

    4 Ways to Keep Summer Simple
    The summer can sometimes be a roll of the nutrition dice. You may have a summer full of travel, outdoor parties, and schedule inconsistencies. These types of summers are memorable but can make it hard to stay on track with nutrition. Or, you may have a summer with a lighter workload, no school commitments, and a lot of extra time to commit to fitness and nutrition. Regardless of the type of summer you have, there is no reason to stray from your plan for an extended period of time. After all, you do not want to reverse all of the amazing progress you have made so far. There are 4 ways to enjoy your summer and events, while still ....

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  • Why do I need a coach?

    Goals and Progress – What do you do when everything is working? Or when it seems like everything is not working? January 2017 was when I made a real commitment to my health and fitness (yes, this was more than a year after I initially started CrossFit). At first, everything was going great. Huge improvements with diet and consistent training. I was eating healthier, paying attention to sleep and stress. The key in this phase was developing consistency. Then, things seemed to stall out – after months of consistent gains, it got a little frustrating to be hitting what were the same times or weights on benchmarks and in some cases going backwards. It left me wondering, what was ....

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  • Taking The Long-Term Approach When It Comes To Nutrition

    Taking the long-term approach when it comes to nutrition. What does that look like? Taking a long-term approach to improving our nutrition means we have intent, objectives, goals and a mission to accomplish not only short-term goals but also long-term goals. The big picture mission is simple, we want to be happy, healthy and strong - both mentally and physically. Being consistent with healthy habits like drinking water, meal prepping, and eating real foods is key to accomplishing your long-term goals. Intent without action accomplishes nothing. Setting goals is easy. Being accountable for those goals is the hard part - and that's where working with a ....

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  • If You Don't Sweat, Does That Mean You Didn't Workout?

    Does working out make you feel stressed? Not sure what to do each day or how to best balance your busy life and stress? Crow River CrossFit’s Strength program has the solution for you! In a busy and chaotic world, you don’t need to feel stressed or anxious when you come to the gym. Crow River CrossFit’s strength workouts allow you to walk into the gym and complete your workout, everything is planned for you. Workouts constantly change to keep it interesting and keep you learning new skills. The hardest part may be walking in the door and finding the time out of a stressful day to spend an hour on yourself. And it’s not just about the sweat! Sometimes we get into ....

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  • Wanting a happier, healthier life? Strength training may be just what you need.

    Are you wanting a happier, healthier life? Strength training may be just what you need. Strength training is functional, safe and effective when implemented properly. Maintaining and even building muscle can keep you active and independent as you age. Strong muscles more efficiently power your body, protect you when you fall, help you balance, and burn more calories. Barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells may be your key to creating a happier, healthier life. Not doing any strength training currently? That’s perfectly okay! It’s never too late to start. The natural process of losing muscle mass and muscle tissue starts when you are around 30 years old. However, it’s never ....

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  • 7 Steps To Get Your Nutrition In Check

    7 Steps To Get Your Nutrition In Check

    Statistics show Americans are still in trouble when it comes to being obese and overweight. Hypertension and diabetes are on the rise. It doesn’t help that poor food choices are prevalent and cheap, while new fad diets popping up every week. Healthful nutrition doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are seven basic steps to keep you on track:
    Eat Breakfast!
    Statistics show that eating a healthy breakfast can increase your metabolism by up to 15 percent!
    Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours.
    Why is it that everyone thinks that in order to lose weight they need to eat less? The opposite is actually true: to lose weight you need to ....

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  • Goals, The Open and Your Training Program

    Goals, The Open and Your Training Program

    The Open is over. How’d you do? Did you get any new PR’s? The Open is a great time to get a PR or learn a new movement. It was when 16.3 was announced a couple of years ago (an AMRAP of 10 Barbell Snatches and 3 Bar Muscle Ups) that I finally decided to learn how to do a Bar Muscle Up. I learned how to do them a day before the event and got 7 in the workout. PR! In the three years since that workout, I’ve only attempted a Bar Muscle Up once prior to 19.4. But why? To answer that, we have to back up. When I first got into CrossFit, I was into the competitive aspect of it. I’d want to know how everyone else in class did and would want to be the best on each ....

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  • Is What You Are Eating Helping or Hurting your Workouts?

    Think about your last really amazing workout performance. A workout where you walked away feeling like you gave it your all, and it showed. The results were beyond your expectations, you recovered quickly, and everything just came together the way you imaged it in your head. What did you eat before that workout? Now, imagine the last terrible workout you completed. You felt sluggish, low energy, tired, and couldn't lift a weight that you expected to be light. You maybe even had to drop weight in the middle of the workout. You walked away feeling defeated. What did you eat before that workout? I can guarantee you that what you ate before each of ....

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    What is Your Motivation?
    Identifying your WHY is a crucial step in setting goals for your health and all other areas of your life. Your goals should have enough purpose that you are driven to achieve them. While change can be accomplished without a sense of purpose, the extra drive and motivation will make the results more meaningful. Answer these questions to help identify your WHY and put you on the fast track for reaching your health goals:
    What is your end goal?
    First, define your goal. What would you like to achieve in the next six months to one year? If you clearly define what you want, you'll be able to take actionable steps to reach your objective. Remember the SMART ....

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