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  • 10 Ways to Torch 100 Calories FAST

    Some days you simply do not have time for your usual workout. Perhaps you are traveling or you have meetings from dawn 'til dusk. Or maybe something totally unexpected comes up and your workout time disappears. When life steals your exercise time, however, you do not have to forgo your workout. If you have just a few minutes, you can burn off 100 calories, get your heart pumping fast and redeem at least a little of your workout. Here are 10 ways to torch 100 calories

    Use them on busy days or even to supercharge your normal workout days. Most estimates are for a person weighing approximately 130-150 pounds. If you weigh more, you can probably shorten the duration, but if ....

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  • Exercise Your NO Muscle!

    Exercise your NO muscle

    We talk a lot about building healthy habits like meal prep, drinking water, scheduling time for exercise and going to bed earlier to get at least 6 hours of sleep, and making these part of our daily routine. Many of us can stick to these healthy habits short term, and once progress starts to slow down, it becomes difficult to celebrate those micro-changes as we start to approach attainment of long term goals. Micro-changes would be things like celebrating 0.5# gains in muscle mass, or a 0.5% loss in body fat. These are still amazing accomplishments. But, when progress starts to slow down, sometimes our minds lose some motivation, and we may ....

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  • You Must Shrink The Size Of Your But!

    If you want to reach your goals, you must shrink the size of your but. It’s time to review those long term goals that you set at the beginning of 2019. How is that long term goal for the end of 2019 looking? Are you feeling like this goal is attainable, or are you losing motivation? Let’s look at this a little deeper. If you had a weight loss goal for 2019, and you are about halfway there in accomplishing this goal, what kinds of thoughts are starting to sneak in that are delaying your goal attainment? Often with a health and fitness goal, after some progress, our minds start playing tricks on us, telling us its OK to start adding in more desserts, not ....

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  • Is Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

    Is Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

    Did you know that sleep affects your metabolism AND ability to lose weight? Sleep allows our bodies to recover from stressors such as work, working out, emotional stress, and so much more. Starting your day without enough recovery encourages a cycle of high-stress levels and bad behaviors, keeping you in a negative frame of mind and possibly even leading to poor food choices. When you are well-rested, your body is more likely to run properly encouraging weight loss and supporting your metabolism. Take a moment to think of all the times you are getting less than 6+ hours of sleep - is it occurring regularly? If so, you could be hindering your ....

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  • The Basics of Marinating

    The Basics of Marinating
    Do you find yourself cooking the same things over and over, with little variations to seasonings or flavors? A great way to add flavor, with the minimum amount of calories, to your favorite proteins is with marinades! Here are some starting points: How
    ? Start with a large plastic zip-lock bag for easy clean-up, or use any air-tight container What
    ? Cut your protein of choice into similar sized pieces. This can be done with one or a combination of the following: skinless, boneless chicken breasts/thighs, trimmed flank steak, trimmed pork loin, trimmed pork chops, peeled and deveined shrimp, boneless and firm white fish filets, firm tofu, ....

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  • The "Long Haul" 2019

    We are just about halfway through 2019. Can you believe it? Many of us are focusing on taking a long-term approach to our health and fitness, as well as working on sustainable healthy habit formation. Awesome. Way to go!! Now, the second half of 2019, aka the “Long Haul” is coming. When it comes to staying focused on the goal of taking a long-term approach to your nutrition, here are 3 thoughts to munch on: 1. Inner Monologue
    : This is a great time to take an honest look at yourself and your inner monologue. Your inner thoughts affect your outward attitude and your actions. How you feel about different situations may impact how you react to different ....

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  • 4 Ways To Keep Summer Simple

    4 Ways To Keep Summer Simple

    4 Ways to Keep Summer Simple
    The summer can sometimes be a roll of the nutrition dice. You may have a summer full of travel, outdoor parties, and schedule inconsistencies. These types of summers are memorable but can make it hard to stay on track with nutrition. Or, you may have a summer with a lighter workload, no school commitments, and a lot of extra time to commit to fitness and nutrition. Regardless of the type of summer you have, there is no reason to stray from your plan for an extended period of time. After all, you do not want to reverse all of the amazing progress you have made so far. There are 4 ways to enjoy your summer and events, while still ....

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  • Why do I need a coach?

    Goals and Progress – What do you do when everything is working? Or when it seems like everything is not working? January 2017 was when I made a real commitment to my health and fitness (yes, this was more than a year after I initially started CrossFit). At first, everything was going great. Huge improvements with diet and consistent training. I was eating healthier, paying attention to sleep and stress. The key in this phase was developing consistency. Then, things seemed to stall out – after months of consistent gains, it got a little frustrating to be hitting what were the same times or weights on benchmarks and in some cases going backwards. It left me wondering, what was ....

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  • Taking The Long-Term Approach When It Comes To Nutrition

    Taking the long-term approach when it comes to nutrition. What does that look like? Taking a long-term approach to improving our nutrition means we have intent, objectives, goals and a mission to accomplish not only short-term goals but also long-term goals. The big picture mission is simple, we want to be happy, healthy and strong - both mentally and physically. Being consistent with healthy habits like drinking water, meal prepping, and eating real foods is key to accomplishing your long-term goals. Intent without action accomplishes nothing. Setting goals is easy. Being accountable for those goals is the hard part - and that's where working with a ....

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  • If You Don't Sweat, Does That Mean You Didn't Workout?

    Does working out make you feel stressed? Not sure what to do each day or how to best balance your busy life and stress? Crow River CrossFit’s Strength program has the solution for you! In a busy and chaotic world, you don’t need to feel stressed or anxious when you come to the gym. Crow River CrossFit’s strength workouts allow you to walk into the gym and complete your workout, everything is planned for you. Workouts constantly change to keep it interesting and keep you learning new skills. The hardest part may be walking in the door and finding the time out of a stressful day to spend an hour on yourself. And it’s not just about the sweat! Sometimes we get into ....

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