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  • Is What You Are Eating Helping or Hurting your Workouts?

    Think about your last really amazing workout performance. A workout where you walked away feeling like you gave it your all, and it showed. The results were beyond your expectations, you recovered quickly, and everything just came together the way you imaged it in your head. What did you eat before that workout? Now, imagine the last terrible workout you completed. You felt sluggish, low energy, tired, and couldn't lift a weight that you expected to be light. You maybe even had to drop weight in the middle of the workout. You walked away feeling defeated. What did you eat before that workout? I can guarantee you that what you ate before each of ....

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    What is Your Motivation?
    Identifying your WHY is a crucial step in setting goals for your health and all other areas of your life. Your goals should have enough purpose that you are driven to achieve them. While change can be accomplished without a sense of purpose, the extra drive and motivation will make the results more meaningful. Answer these questions to help identify your WHY and put you on the fast track for reaching your health goals:
    What is your end goal?
    First, define your goal. What would you like to achieve in the next six months to one year? If you clearly define what you want, you'll be able to take actionable steps to reach your objective. Remember the SMART ....

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  • Get Strong!

    Strength is so important in our lives. At any age and ability, increasing your strength will help you perform daily tasks easier, increase lean body mass both muscle mass and bone strength, less risk to injury (especially if you commonly enjoy one activity or sport), and improved physical and mental health. The confidence from learning and mastering a new skill and being able to have strength is something very difficult to put into words and describe as a benefit. Sometimes the hardest benefits to describe are the most rewarding. Anyone can benefit from a strength program. Maybe you want to go for a run one day for cardio and are looking for a strength opportunity. Or maybe maintaining ....

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  • Goals for February: Making New Yearโ€™s Resolutions That Will Stick!

    Looking at the new year, many people have made New Year’s resolutions. By the second month of the year, some of those New Year’s resolutions start to fall apart and motivation is lost. Let's look at how we phrase those resolutions, why those resolutions start to fail, and talk about some tips to turn those wishes and resolutions into reality. Many people make goals that aren’t SMART - S pecific, M easurable, A chievable, R esults-focused, and T ime- bound . When phrasing goals and resolutions, many people say things like “I wish that I could lose 50 pounds this year.” Instead of saying “I wish”, and setting ....

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  • Lost Your Motivation? Don't Be Discouraged; Shift Your Focus!

    You are not alone! No matter who it is, at some point, everyone gets a case of the “I don’t want to’s.” Living life can be mentally and physically exhausting especially with all the things we SHOULD be doing. For instance, we should brush our teeth for 2 minutes, stretch for 10 minutes, workout for 60 minutes, change our sheets weekly, meal prep, make to-do lists, complete the to-do lists, work for 8+ hours per day. You get the point. With how demanding things have become, our lives have turned into filling every second with doing something, and that gets exhausting. So, what can happen? You come down with a bad case of exhaustion. ....

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  • Avoiding The Quick Fix

    At the gym, you will hear us talk about the importance of paying attention to nutrition. You might even be participating in a New Year’s challenge focusing on gaining consistency with eating healthy foods. Hopefully you’ve seen the nutrition pyramid depicting the importance of nutrition when it comes to getting the most out of your workouts. By paying attention to nutrition,
    addressing behavior change
    , and focusing on consistently fueling with real foods, we get the best results in the gym. Outside the gym, we gain so much more. By paying attention to nutrition long term, not just during a 4- or 6-week challenge, we have the best chance of achieving a life ....

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  • It is the end of the day, and I am short on protein, what do I do?

    Sometimes, our days do NOT go as planned. We measure our food out into our containers, prepare the snacks, and pack our lunch p ack for the day ahead. Then, something happens. An unavoidable work lunch comes up, or we forget our food in the car. For whatever reason, the pre-portioned meals we worked so hard to prepare are out of our reach. So instead, we adjust, we order a balanced meal and do our best to stay on track. Even if you tried your best to stay on track, you may not hit your goals as you had hoped for that day. Your fat may be a little high, your protein may be a little low--that 40/30/30 breakdown that you tried to hard to meet is now out of reach. We often hear ....

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  • The CrossFit Open at Crow River

    The CrossFit Open at Crow River
    The CrossFit Open is a world-wide online competition, a series of five workouts – typically offering scaled and Rx workout options. Now, most of us aren’t regional or games hopeful athletes, but we can still have a lot of fun with the CrossFit Open competition. Five weeks, five workouts, five times the fun! At Crow River, we will host the Open workouts on Saturday nights, starting around 4 p.m. Anyone can do this!
    The very first time I did the open, I had only been at Crow River for about two months (I started in late December) and did mostly kettlebells and a little CrossFit. All the workouts were modified for me, and Renee made sure the ....

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  • Progress Is Not A Straight Line

    There are two misconceptions about losing weight and eating healthy in the long term that can be mentally challenging to overcome: 1. It is only hard at the beginning 2. Progress is a straight line We usually focus on the start of the healthy eating process. You start with action steps, slowly learn how to eat the right balance of foods, and adopt healthy habits that help you reach your goals. Those first few months feel like they are the hardest. However, there can be just as many challenges 1, 5 or 10 years in, and it is important to recognize that in order to be successful in the long term. For example, one summer, you may have a string of weddings. The following winter, you may ....

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  • Who Are You Doing It For?

    Nobody wants to feel like the odd person out. We don't like unnecessary added attention, and we do not want the choices we make to be mocked or questioned. When you choose to eat healthy or go to the gym regularly or sleep 8 hours a night, sometimes, we have to be prepared for all of those things to happen. The actions or words of those around us are constantly pulling us back towards our old habits. A common scenario that we all struggle with is the workplace lunch. You are sitting in a lunchroom around a group of people that you work with and they see exactly what you are eating. Something as simple as "Wow, you are a healthy eater," or "Are you sure you don't want a cookie" (for the ....

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