Does working out make you feel stressed? Not sure what to do each day or how to best balance your busy life and stress? Crow River CrossFit’s Strength program has the solution for you!

In a busy and chaotic world, you don’t need to feel stressed or anxious when you come to the gym. Crow River CrossFit’s strength workouts allow you to walk into the gym and complete your workout, everything is planned for you. Workouts constantly change to keep it interesting and keep you learning new skills. The hardest part may be walking in the door and finding the time out of a stressful day to spend an hour on yourself.

And it’s not just about the sweat! Sometimes we get into the mindset that to have a really good and really effective workout, you need to walk away breathing hard and dripping a puddle of sweat. A good workout doesn’t have to be a sweaty mess. In fact, your body and mind may be looking for something else to have a break from the stress of life. Strength and resistance training can provide that, you’ll walk away feeling your muscles burning and building a stronger, healthier you.

Looking for that sweat? Stay after the strength session and spend some time on the bike or rower. Ten minutes of intervals can get your heart pumping and get you sweaty!