Are you ready to introduce your child to lifelong habits of physical fitness and activity? There’s no better way to do it than with our KidsFit classes in Delano.

This unique program at Crow River KidsFit is character-driven for results beyond just speed and strength. Our classes are designed to help your child develop an appreciation for their accomplishments and grow into well-rounded young adults as they enjoy themselves and build a foundation of fitness at the same time!

Our KidsFit is Like No Other Other- Here’s How it Works:

When we say character-driven, we mean it. Our KidsFit Classes for ages 5-12 begin with a few minutes of motivation – a quick speech about character skills like respect and integrity and perseverance. Then we put those traits into action.

KidsFit classes aren’t about being the strongest or the fastest or the most athletic. They’re about introducing your child to the values of physical fitness and the intersection of core character traits with physical activity.

And did we mention that these classes are designed by athletes from the US Olympic Training Center? This class is for children ages 5-12 and all ability levels.

In each class, your child will:

  • Develop their coordination and dexterity
  • Challenge their willpower and dedication
  • Walk away with an unwavering sense of accomplishment

PLUS KidsFit Keeps Students Motivated Like Nothing Else

At Crow River CrossFit, we believe in keeping our students motivated through a skill system. That means each student in our KidsFit classes must first learn a technique and then put it on display in a series of “star tests” that represent their graduation to the next level.

Using t-shirts to denote which level our students have accomplished, we instill values like hard work and dedication and introduce students to the feeling of satisfaction that comes with moving on to the next level.

Your child will enjoy:

  • An appreciation for hard work
  • A reward system that honors their accomplishments
  • And support from their peers and instructors every day

KidsFit Will Set Your Child Up For Success Today

Even if your child never competes in the CrossFit Games or becomes a professional athlete, they’ll value the skills they learned in KidsFit at Crow River CrossFit because those very skills will be the ones that make them successful in whatever path they take in life.

Give your child the best foundation for physical, mental, and emotional success today. Get started by filling out the short form on your screen. We’ll reach out to answer all of your questions and get you child signed up right away!