How did you hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience/WOD/workout?

A couple of my wife’s cousins were always talking about CrossFit at family gatherings. My first WOD was Baseline at the old gym, and it took me a long time to get through it. I felt like I’d never touched a jump rope before (we didn’t have rowers yet), the push-ups were a struggle, and I needed a band to get through the pull-ups.

When did you first come to Core Fit N Motion / Crow River CrossFit?

About 4 years ago, early 2013.

How many days do you work out at our facility? What classes do you normally take (times and specialties)?

I usually attend 3 times a week with a mix of Crossfit and Kettlebell classes. The days and times vary based on work/errands/life.

What motivates you/keeps you coming back to Core Fit N Motion / Crow River CrossFit?

2 things – One of the local orthopedic practices had a marketing campaign that resonated with me – “muscle as medicine.” I’m not a doctor, but if chronic pain can be treated by strengthening your body, then I should be able to use a program like CrossFit to prevent the aches and pains that too many people in our society talk about. Additionally, the atmosphere at Crow River is awesome. Alan and Renee have created a culture that balances a fun and friendly competitive spirit, yet they won’t hesitate to get serious if they’re concerned about form/safety or give you that extra push to get you beyond your comfort zone.

What accomplishment are you the most proud of (outside and inside of the gym)?

I’m proud of having avoided injury in my 4 years of doing CrossFit despite a couple of very close calls (i.e. the muscle-up that wasn’t and should have torn my shoulder apart, and riding a barbell to the floor after a failed back squat). Having smart coaches sure helps!

Writing my name in the top spot on the leaderboard for Annie was pretty awesome, too.

Outside of the gym, earning my Fellowship with the Society of Actuaries back in 2008 is probably what I’m most proud of. It took 5 years of independent study, but it has enabled me to pursue a career and life that I enjoy.

After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?

A delicious, relatively healthy meal that I don’t have to cook! There’s almost always a glass of chocolate milk before or after that meal.

What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit and Kettle Bells?

Anything I can do on or near water – boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, or relaxing on the beach/shoreline with a good book. I also seem to spend a fair amount of time on an assortment of home improvement projects (mostly DIY) – it’s a good excuse to feed my tool/toy addiction.

What do you do for a living?

I’m an actuary for a local health care company (basically a math dork who attempts to quantify the value of future risks).

What is one goal that you are currently working on?

I want to continue avoiding injury while picking up a new trick every once in a while, whether it’s behind the boat or at the gym. The most recent trick at the gym was a bar muscle-up – I’d like to get one on the rings. A 360 on my wakeboard has eluded me for quite some time now too…