A couple years ago Renee attended the Original Strength (OS) workshop when it was in Minnesota. Since that time we have incorporated several of their methods into our warm ups. We are pleased to announce we will be hosting their Pressing RESET workshop on January 27th. This will be a rare opportunity to attend the workshop right here in Delano. This is their only scheduled Minnesota stop in 2018 and it’s open to everyone!


The OS Pressing RESET Workshop is intended for any breathing human being. In this workshop you will learn how the human body (your body) is capable of remembering the way it was created to move. No matter your age, health, physical condition, as long as you are medically cleared to live your life, this workshop may change your life.

A typical OS Pressing RESET attendee looks just like you. They come from every industry, every profession, every body shape, every age and every physical condition, each with their very own personal history of movements. This diverse mix is what makes the workshop so rewarding for attendees.

During the 6 hour long OS Pressing RESET Workshop you will be moving and doing what you can while you learn:

  • The three foundational principles of OS
  • The OS Big 5 RESETs (including breathing, head control, rolling, rocking, and contra-lateral movements)
  • What Reflexive strength and stability is
  • What the heck a vestibular system is and why it’s so important
  • What neuroplasticity means to your life
  • Why OS views things from a Good, Better, Best perspective
  • Which regression or progression works best for your body
  • How to implement OS in your life by pressing reset
  • How to help others improve their movement strength

The OS Pressing RESET Workshop also lays the foundation for the OS Pro RESET Workshop which is geared towards health and fitness professionals as well as those who just like to know more of the reasons of why OS is so effective for so many.


If you’re ready to sign up,  click here. If you sign up by November 1st, you can do so at a discounted rate of $229. After November 1st the rate will rise to $294.


For more information check out the Facebook Event Page.