Let Our Coaches At Crow River CrossFit Take Your Team To The Next Level!

Are you looking for an exciting way to help your child and their friends thrive outside of the standard practice schedule? Join us at Crow River CrossFit for our cutting-edge Team Training today!

We’re helping teams from a wide range of sports build new skills and develop unbelievable camaraderie. Our fitness curriculum is developed by athletes & coaches from the US Olympic Training Center & trainers of Olympians and our coaches are well trained and some have experience as professional athletes themselves.

We know what it’s like to be coached.

How Does Our Team Training In Delano Work?

Like all of our Kids programs at Crow River CrossFit, our Team Training is Character Driven, meaning that your child’s mental and emotional development will be a priority. We help students of all ages overcome challenges and learn how to persevere through anything life throws their way.

Kids of all skill levels can thrive in our team training, working together to build:

  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Communication

What About The Physical Tools?

Our Team Training in Delano also promotes a wide range of skills that can carry over into any sport or setting. Because our coaches bring experience in a number of different sports, your Team Training program can be customized to fit the needs and goals of your group.

We help students stay excited and motivated through every workout while they improve their:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Agility

At Crow River CrossFit, we don’t turn students loose and call it “fitness.” We take an active role in helping students perfect their technique and stay driven to get better every day. Our Team Training is great for all experience levels and can be the perfect solution for in-season, offseason, or maintenance training.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Team Training In Delano

Give your team an exciting way to train this year. Our coaches at Crow River CrossFit is ready to push their skills to the next level and help every player feel pride in themselves.