The CrossFit Open at Crow River

The CrossFit Open is a world-wide online competition, a series of five workouts – typically offering scaled and Rx workout options. Now, most of us aren’t regional or games hopeful athletes, but we can still have a lot of fun with the CrossFit Open competition. Five weeks, five workouts, five times the fun! At Crow River, we will host the Open workouts on Saturday nights, starting around 4 p.m.

Anyone can do this! The very first time I did the open, I had only been at Crow River for about two months (I started in late December) and did mostly kettlebells and a little CrossFit. All the workouts were modified for me, and Renee made sure the judge for my lane would also help coach and remind me of what movement to do and how to do it (at the time, I couldn’t tell you want was a snatch versus a clean versus a hang-something-or-other). I walked away from the final workout that year, thinking, maybe I can do this CrossFit thing. Any of the coaches can help you plan a workout that will be challenging and fun for you! We include a super-scaled division – and this division doesn’t mean easy – it just means you can modify the workout to use kettlebells instead of a barbell or work with a coach for scaling options. And always remember, scaled doesn’t mean it’s easier. A burpee is still a burpee.

The workout options include super-scaled, scaled and Rx. Scaled and Rx will follow the CrossFit Games posted workout standards and weights. As mentioned, the super-scaled option will offer you additional flexibility to make the events for everyone! These are announced on Wednesday nights, and we will host the Saturday Night Showdown where you can perform the workouts in a friendly competition setting. It is a great time to hit some PRs and have fun with your gym family, many of us can share our favorite Open memories easily, so if you are thinking about it, this year is the time to jump in and do it!

We make this even more fun by creating teams and having themes for the week, for example, one theme last year was Super Hero Week. All events can include kids and family, you don’t need to be a member to register for the showdown events, however CrossFit experience is recommended for adults participating. River Dog CrossFit will also be joining in the fun with Crow River, so you’ll see some additional faces and have a great time! The teams will be competing for total points in the competition and spirit awards (think costumes!). Each week will have a Team Spirit award for the team that best shows their spirit for that week’s theme.

What do you need to know?

    1. 1. Sign up with Crow River for the Saturday Night Showdown. It is $75 for five weeks and includes a shirt or tank.


Link to sign up:

    1. 2. Everyone who signs up will be on one of the teams! Extra points will be available for spirit awards.


    1. 3. Sign up on This will allow you to see your score worldwide, as well as several other filters. This is optional, but will help your team earn additional points! If you sign up and are entering your scores, you will need to select the scaled or Rx option for the workout and perform the workout as it is written.


    1. 4. Think about taking the online Judges course. The cost is $10 and you will learn and review all of the common CrossFit movements. This is also really good practice and critical thinking if you want to volunteer as a judge. The course can be found here:


    1. 5. Any questions? Ask any coach!


Should you do it? YES! Here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. 1. Because it’s fun!
  2. 2. Learn a new skill! We have the Jump Rope seminar coming up if you want to get some practice in on double unders. Or schedule a one-on-one session with a coach to work on a specific skill or movement.
  3. 3. Challenge yourself and push yourself, you might be surprised by what you can do. Many people have walked away from the open with PRs and new skills.
  4. 4. Everyone can bring their spirit! Cheer on your gym family and spend a few Saturday nights with us!
  5. 5. Anyone can do it – whatever you may be nervous about or whatever is holding you back, you can push your comfort zone in a supportive and friendly environment. Everyone is here just to cheer you on! The support from the gym family can be amazing!
  6. Be proud of yourself. Do something today that your future self can be thankful for.



~Coach Lindsey Johnson