The CrossFit Open is upon us! Competing in the Show Down has many of us modifying workout schedules (and maybe other schedules) to add in the Saturday Night Show Down.

18.1 was a great night and so many athletes showed up on the competition floor with PRs and a lot of determination. It was a long AMRAP no matter which option you chose to do and we had everyone from kids to master’s athletes participating.

One common question was: How do I pick what division to do the workout? There is no wrong answer! This may largely depend on your personal goals. We want to keep our personal goals on track in addition to competing in the Open. Many of us are on the border between two divisions or have personal goals to consider.

  • If you’re really close on the skills, try stepping up for the Open and see how you do. You might surprise yourself!
  • What is your primary goal? If I ask you “What is your most important goal at the gym?” what would be your answer? Weight loss, maximizing your score in the open, strength, endurance, getting consistent workouts completed, etc. As an example, take 18.1, for most people, the limiting factor was the toes-to-bar. Maybe you can do a couple, maybe you’re close but never done one. You can go into the workout planning to try and get as many as you can and maybe that’s three rounds or three toes-to-bar. Or you can go scaled and really push yourself for an intense workout and high scaled score. If your goal is maximizing your score, you might want to go really easy or rest completely on Thursday and Friday.
  • Do you want to push for the skill (spend the time on toes-to-bar) or push the cardio/speed (go as fast as possible)?
  • Any workout can be intense and challenging no matter your decision!

Your goals, diet, nutrition, sleep, working out, don’t really get a five-week break just because the open is here.

Rest and Recover! The Open workouts tend to be very challenging. You may find yourself more sore/fatigued than normal. When you are sore (as long as it isn’t feeling painful/injury), sometimes getting out and walking or doing yoga can be very beneficial to help the muscles recover. Our workout routine on Saturdays is a little different, remember to warm up and cool down after your workout! Saturday can be a long day/night depending on your life schedules – make sure you have food and water throughout the day.

Most important: Have fun and be proud of yourself! No matter your beginning or where you are today – where you want to go – take a moment and be proud of who you are today and what you accomplish today. Bring on 18.2!